Works in Progress

QIDS research investigations

  1. Leakages in Financial Risk Protection from Social Health Insurance
  2. A Method for Institutionalizing Quality into the Health Care System of a Developing Country: Experience from QIDS in the Philippines

QIDS investigators

Dr. John Peabody
Dr. Orville Solon
Dr. Stella Quimbo
Dr. Riti Shimkhada
Kimberly Yee
Jhiedon Florentino
Marife Bacate
Mitch Abdon

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Other research investigations

  1. What are the relative effects of individual and group incentives on doctor’s™ performance?

Other research investigators

Dr. Mary Ann Lansang
Dr. Noel Juban
Dr. Marissa Alejandria
Dr. Aleli Kraft
Dr. Joseph Capuno
Dr Carlo Panelo
Xylee Javier

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